Here you will find all the questions and answers about Photo Realistic backdrops for model railroads backdrops used a high resolution 8mil thick polythylene digital print graphics film used in the sign and display marketing industries to print the backdrops on. This material is virtually water proof, extremely tear resitant and it is impervious to temperature and humidity fluctuations. The backdrops are then coated with a 3mil matte finish vinyl over laminate to help protect the print from scratches and damage from most modeling materials.
Yes, between the high resolution film and the vinyl laminate it costs us significantly more to produce a backdrop than our competitors. We use the highest quality materials to produce the highest quality backdrops because you the customer deserve it.
 While other companies claim their PRINT is water resitant or even water proof that usually means they use waterproof inks. The fact of the mater is waterproof inks can still easily be damaged by modeling materials and while water may not hurt the inks it will destroy the paper or cardstock they are printed on. Since model railroad backdrops are printed with water proof pigmented inks on a synthetic polythylene film, both the inks AND the film won't be damaged by water or most other modeling materials.
Water is not the only modeling product model railroaders use. The vinyl over laminate will also protect the prints from scratching, alcohol, white glue, carpenters glue, scenery glue (even most home made recipes), spray paint, most enamel, latex and acrylic paints, paint thinner, mineral spirits, most household cleaners, sculp-a-mold and even hydrocal!
We have not been able to test all chemicals obviously, but we have found MEK, liquid plastic cements like Tenax, Same Stuff, Plastic-Weld, etc., Sharpie and other permanent markers and some paints are permanent if you get them on the prints. Most paints can be wiped off the laminate with mineral spirits or 70% isopropyl alcohol. Usually sculpt-a- Mold and hydrocal can be soaked with water and or alcohol and then gently chipped or washed away.
YES! You can use a damp sponge, rag or paper towel to clean most any gunk that gets on them simply by wiping it if. For more stubborn stuff usually 70% isopropyl alcohol will get it off.
You can apply model railroad backdrops to virtually any non-pourous material or wall board such as drywall, tempered hardoard or masonite, mdf, plywood, osb, styrene, aluminum, etc. We don't recommend applying it to masonry walls, but if you have to make sure they are properly sealed and coated. You can also apply our backdrops to cardboard or foamcore but we don;t recomment these as backboard materials for any backdrop as they are not structurally sound and are not humidity resistant.
That depends somewhat on the material you are applying our model railroad backdrops to. Mostly any vinyl compatible wallpaper paste or glue, spra adhesive similar to #M brand supper 77 (use the directions for a permanent bond), industrial or sign grade double sided tape, velcro works well (especially if you may want to change or remove them at some point in time) and although we have not tried it we have had customers tell us they used white glue.
Yes, all designs are available in "peel & stick" and "non adhesive" versions. The "Self Adhesive Peel & Stick" model railroad backdrops have a very strong sign grade adhesive on the back and can be difficult to install if you do not have any prior experience installing things like window tint or vinyl graphics. We hope to soon have a video available demonstrating how to install our model railroad backdrops.
It is usually recommended you install backdrops BEFORE you do your scenery or structures in that area. If you wait until the scenery and structures are in you may have a problem getting the backdrop behind them or cut to the proper fit or worse yet break a few structures while installing them. SInce our backdrops are not damaged by most modeling materials and won't fall apart like the competitors when you get your scenic cement or water/glue/alcohol solution on them install them before the scenery.
NO, our "01 Default Blue Sky Continuos" in show in the pictures for consistancey on the website; however, you can choose any of the skyscapes we have in the "Sky & Clouds" section to be inserted behind the main design of your backdrop at no additional charge. If you do not select a skyscape the "01 Default Blue Sky Continuous" Will be used.
Yes. All of the skies in a given category will blend continuously and we have transition skies you can use that will blend between categories such as a blue sky to thunderstorm transition.
We can do custom sizes and also custom "blending" of multiple backdrops you want to use in sequence. Please call us directly at (800) 216-9202 and we will be happy to discuss any custom work with you.